River Revitalization Foundation Habitat Improvement Project


Fish and wildlife habitat restoration project.


Habitat restoration will contribute significantly to delisting the loss of fish and wildlife habitat and degradation of fish and wildlife populations beneficial use impairments(BUIs). The degradation of fish and wildlife populations delisting effort will also benefit from this project through the assessment of wildlife populations. Wildlife population assessment is the sole action item identified in the proposed delisting targets for the wildlife portion of this BUI.


Invasive species management and native vegetation re-establishment. Invasive Species Management and Native Vegetation Re-establishment Remove targeted invasive species from river corridor area. Targeted species are: Teasel, Japanese Knotweed, Phragmites, Buckthorn (in pond area), Hawthorne (in pond area)

Study Design

The timing for work and the means and methods will be performed in accordance with the WDNR's "A Field Guide to Terrestrial Invasive Plants in Wisconsin." The goal of the work will be to remove and treat all of the woody invasives within the targeted areas, and to prevent any of the herbaceous weeds from setting seed for the season. The herbaceous weed control work will be performed with a combination of hand equipment, tractor (with minimal disturbance wide sweep cultivator shanks to cut basal rosettes and roots) and spot spray equipment (either ATV mounted, tractor mounted or backpack based on the site. We will use the largest effective, lowest disturbance equipment for the task.) The woody invasive removal will be performed in mid summer with a combination of fixed tooth flail mowing equipment, brush clearing saws, and hand tools. A typical work event will include at least two certified pesticide application technician/field ecologists with herbicide application equipment working behind every one piece of cutting equipment (this ensure prompt translocation of herbicide and adequate coverage of cut stumps).

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Fish and wildlife habitat restoration project.