MT. PLEASANT STORM WATER UTILITY DISTRICT: Pike River - Glyceria Maxima Experiment


The Village of Mount Pleasant will hire two contractors to conduct an experiment regarding the chemical treatment of Glyceria maxima along the Pike River. 21 subplots measuring 2 meter by 5 meter will be studied. The study will be conducted in 2011 and 2012. Two chemicals (Aquaneat and Habitat) will be studied. Three treatment applications (spring only, late summer only, and a combined spring/late summer) will be studied as well. The project deliverable will be a report that details the following: 1) a determination of the most effective herbicide and application method to be used in this local area; 2) % cover before and after treatment for each subplot; 3) photo essay showing before, during and after treatment for the different subplots; 4) a copy of the power point presentation that will be given by the contractors at the 2012 Wisconsin Wetlands Association conference; 5) maps of any identified satellite populations. Two paper copies and one electronic copy of the final plan will be provided to the department. Exact details for all deliverables are described in the project description of grant application.

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MT. PLEASANT STORM WATER UTILITY DISTRICT: Pike River - Glyceria Maxima Experiment Experiment on chemical treatment of Glyceria maxima using Aquaneat and Habitat
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Powerpoint Presentation at 2012 Wi Wetlands Association Conference
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