BAYFIELD COUNTY: Bayfield County AIS Coordinator 2011-2012


Bayfield Co. is sponsoring an AIS project to continue implementation of the AIS Strategic Plan. An AIS Coordinator will spend a majority of time/effort with Lk. Superior, its tributaries, associated communities and recreational users. Project deliverables: 1) A project report/assessment of Plan implementation activities and data collected; 2) Examples of educational/outreach materials developed (newsletters, media articles, marketing tools, school curricula, etc); 3) Clean Boats Clean Waters data collection summary including data required by the CBCW program. Data must be entered in statewide database; 4) Coordination with and training of citizens, conservation groups, and local municipalities to monitor, plan for, and control AIS; 5) AIS inventory (species, GPS locations, estimated infestation size), maps, and survey results for Lk. Superior marinas and rivers mouths, high priority inland lakes and rivers (est. 10-15 surveys); 6) APM Plan and grant assistance, including completion of one Plan annually provided feasible and in the public\2019s interest; 7) Continued development and support of AIS curricula for 4-12th graders (at least 1 presentation/school district annually); 8) Updated AIS signs at all public boat landings and data entered into SWIMS; 9) Updated county-wide resource list, including lake contacts, monitors, volunteers, presentations, etc. Special Conditions: 1) WDNR\2019s Aquatic Plant Management in Wisconsin guidance must be followed for point-intercept survey monitoring and APM plan development; 2) The WDNR Aquatic Plant Management Strategy (2007) will be utilized in Plan development; 3) Draft public surveys must be reviewed and approved by the Department before being initiated. This scope summarizes detail provided in the application and does not negate tasks/deliverables described therein. Data, records, and reports, including GIS-based maps and digital images, must be submitted to the DNR in a format specified by the Lake Coordinator.

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