PHANTOM LAKE MANAGEMENT DISTRICT: Phantom Lakes Plant Surveys and APM Plan


The Phantom Lakes Management District will hire a contractor to conduct plant surveys and update the aquatic plant management plan for the Phantom Lakes. The plant surveys will be point intercept surveys totaling 494 points for Lower Phantom Lake and approximately 122 points for Upper Phantom Lake. The lake will be sampled in mid-summer. The final report will contain the following elements: 1) Results of the points sampled, including sediment type found and maximum rooting depth; 2) Results of a general lake survey to map general plant beds, map localized plant beds, map species distribution and a list of plant species found; 3) Review of existing conditions of the watershed, identify and quantify potential point and nonpoint sources of pollution, and identify nutrient and contaminant input and balances; 4) Results of WILMS and UAL modeling; 5) Results of a recreational use survey; 6) An aquatic plant management plan that meets the requirements of NR 109.09; and 7) Minutes from one public meeting regarding aquatic plant issues. Two paper copies and one electronic copy of the final plan will be provided to the department. Exact details for all deliverables are described in the project description of grant application.

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