SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI: Japanese Knotweed Eradication


The Deer Creek Japanese Knoweed Control project is located in a wetlands area in a valley near the south and western boundary of the property of the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, 3221 S. Lake Drive, St. Francis, WI. The goal of this project is to elilminate the Japanese knotweed and to replace it with native species of plants that will keep it (and other invasive species, such as canary grass) from growing and spreading in the area. Their plans include initial cutting of the Japanese knotweed and then mowing approximately every other week during the growing season. On alternate weeks their licensed applicator plans to spray a broadleaf systemic herbicide to kill the knotweed. The following schedule is planned: - Fall 2010 - Initial cutting and disposal of extensive Japanese Knoweed growth. This included handwork to cut the stalks which had grown to heights of at least 6'. The cuttings were then collected and put in dumpsters for disposal. - Spring thru Fall 2011 - When the old growth begins to leaf out it will be sprayed with Rodeo. Throughout the season they will alternate spraying and cutting/moving to keep the growth limited while the spray will start the process of killing off the plants. - Spring throuogh Fall 2012 - They will repeat the process followed in 2011 and determine late in the season if the Knotweed has been sufficiently eliminated in order to begin planting the replacement plants. If not, the process will continue in 2013. - Spring 2013 - Spray and cut again if needed. Otherwise, complete new plantings. At this time they will treat the Canary Grass that has a presence alongside some areas of the Knotweed area in order to curtail its growth before it can take over the area left open by eradicating the Knotweed.

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