CITY OF DELAFIELD: Nagawicka Lake Plant Survey and Plan


The City of Delafield will hire a contractor to conduct a plant survey and update the aquatic plant management plan for Nagawicka Lake. The plant survey will be a point intercept survey with 1451 points. The lake will be sampled in mid-summer. The final report will contain the following elements: 1) Results of the points sampled, including sediment type found and maximum rooting depth; 2) Results of a general lake survey to map general plant beds, map localized plant beds, map species distribution and a list of plant species found; 3) Review of existing conditions of the watershed, identify and quantify potential point and nonpoint sources of pollution, and identify nutrient and contaminant input and balances; 4) Results of WILMS and UAL modeling; 5) Results of a recreational use survey; 6) An aquatic plant management plan that meets the requirements of NR 109.09; and 7) Minutes from one public meeting regarding aquatic plant issues.

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