IRON COUNTY: Turtle-Flambeau Flowage AIS Project


The Iron County LWCD will sponsor an Invasive Species Management project which will focus on expanding control, monitoring and prevention efforts and expanded education and outreach to resort owners, TFFTL POA members, visitors and additional user groups. Project goals include: 1) Educate the public on AIS and prevention with programs including Clean Boats, Clean Waters and Citizen Lake Monitoring. Develop additional education programs for the public. Target audiences include: lake associations, lake recreation users, landowners, local businesses, etc; 2) Monitor and document invasive species locations on the TFF and Trude Lake and conduct boat inspections; 3) Aide partners to organize and carry out control efforts; 4) Manage AIS grant and develop funding opportunities for evolving AIS concerns. Deliverables include: 1) Public education program including the hiring of two LTE positions targeting May through September to conduct AIS monitoring and educate recreationists on prevention of AIS through watercraft inspections; host workshops to train volunteers in monitoring and watercraft inspection; conduct workshops on lake issues, AIS, natural shoreland buffers, wildlife etc.; provide information packets on AIS prevention and treatment to resort owners; 2) Annual reports summarizing yearly activities and outcomes will be produced. Reports will be published and distributed to partners and posted on the Iron Co. LWCD website; 3) A final report to DNR including project documentation, accomplishments, and treatment reports. Specific project conditions: 1) WDNR will be provided electronic and hard copies of all data and reports/plans generated as a result of this project; 2) Evaluation summary of tributary water quality.

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