SOUTHWEST BADGER R C & D: Southwest WI AIS Planning Initiative


The Southwest Badger RC&D Council proposes to hire a full-time AIS coordinator to monitor waterbodies and improve public awareness of the threats associated with the spread of AIS. The coordinator will build partnerships in the project area, train volunteers, conduct AIS surveys at lake and river boatlandings and stretches of rivers, conduct educational events including implementing 4 AIS workshops, and develop the AIS strategic plan for the 9-county project area. The coordinator will also develop numerous press releases and write newspaper articles about the project. More detailed deliverables are listed on page 3 of the project scope in the application package.

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Aquatic Invasives Grant
Aquatic Invasives Education
Reports and Documents
AIS strategic plan, includes photos, tables, and maps
Activities & Recommendations
Grant Awarded
Hire County Aquatic Invasives Coordinator
Hold Workshops
Information and Education
Monitor Invasive Species
Aquatic Invasive Species Plan
SOUTHWEST BADGER R C & D: Southwest WI AIS Planning Initiative
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