Mukwonago River (FX06) Watershed Planning


Watershed plan update 2011. The Mukwonago River Watershed is the smallest of the Fox River Basin watersheds (86 square miles) and lies mainly in Walworth and Waukesha counties, with a small portion falling in Jefferson County. Th e villages of Eagle, Mukwonago, North Prairie, and Wales lie within the watershed. There are nearly 50 miles of perennial streams in the watershed. Jericho Creek in the Village of Eagle and an unnamed ditch in the Village of Mukwonago are listed as supporting a cold water aquatic community. Th e Mukwonago River is listed as an Outstanding Resource Water in the state. None of the streams in the watershed are listed as impaired on the 303(d) list. There are fi fteen lakes in the watershed, the largest being Lake Beulah (834 acres) in Walworth County. This may be the least disturbed watershed in the Southeast Fox River Basin. Th ere are diverse and unique populations of warm water forage fi sh, game fish, mussels, amphibians, and invertebrates. Development of this watershed has increased rapidly in the past five to ten years. Impervious surfaces are becoming more abundant and stormwater runoff is increasing. Many of the historic areas that supported agriculture are now supporting suburban housing development.

Study Design

Watershed specified for planning and assessment purposes. Assessment of water quality condition in this respective county will use protocols described in WisCALM of the year of assessment. Minimum assessment work includes biological data (macroinvertebrates, fish indices), chemistry and habitat data. Additional work includes identification of priorities and goals, creating recommendations for actions, and updating narratives for watersheds and waterbodies. Assessments are to be double checked by at least one additional biologist.

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