Proposed NOR Spirit and North Spirit Lakes 303d evaluation Continuation


Spirit and North Spirit Lakes (Price Co.) have average total phosphorus concentrations of about 70 ug/l which greatly exceeds the WisCALM threshold of 40 ug/l for 303d listing. It is suspected that naturally occurring groundwater and wetland drainage TP concentrations are a substantial cause of the high lake TP's. Monitoring will be done to determine if this is the case. Very atypical runoff conditions in 2010 prevented obtaining representative watershed phosphorus loading estimates, so additional stream sampling is planned for 2011. Monitoring includes: 1. Five stream sites sampled for TP on 6 dates. Estimated flow, D.O., temp., and conductivity will be measured. 2. The watershed will be delineated and land use will be assessed. 3. A report of the findings will be made.


Spirit and North Spirit Lakes are being evaluated for inclusion on the 303d list. The project will determine if inclusion is appropriate, or if naturally occurring conditions are the primary cause of the lakes' high TP concentrations.


Performance Measures: These are milestones that will be reported on in the Division Quarterly Report. Please estimate dates in a manner that encourages success. 1) Number of sample sites associated with the project. 5 2) Number of sampling events associated with project. 6 3) Estimated date when sample collection will be complete. Nov. 1, 2011 4) Estimated date when all data will be entered into appropriate database. December 31, 2011 5) Estimated date when final report will be complete. May 1, 2012

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