NOR_11_CMP12 Totogatic River Monitoring for Wild River rule implementation - Continued


Continue annual surveys of the length of the Totogatic River to monitor the location of pre-existing docks and document any new docks or riparian land use changes that are in conflict with the new Wild Rivers Designation. Mapping efforts in 2009 have been successfully integrated into arcview by Bob Masnado's LTE. This project seeks to track changes and guide future management actions to protect the wild nature of the Totagatic River.


The project objective is to document any changes in bridges, crossings, docks, buildings, and conflicting land use patterns on the river. NR 302 prohibits grading on the banks (in excess of 10,000 square feet) and placement of new docks. It also prohibits digging ponds near the river, and dredging, or constructing new docks and bridges (other than public highway bridges.


Survey data is compiled into an ARCview map showing existing features for future comparison. All data is archived for comparison with any new data and photos collected if complaints are received and enforcement or correction is sought in the future. As time allows, a letter will be sent to existing landowners with documentation of the existence of their dock and other features if questions arise in the future. Files will be kept for comparison and shared with local zoning offices.

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Targeted Monitoring
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Map of docks and other man made structure in existence prior to wild river designation
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Monitoring Ecosystem
Monitor this newly designated Wild River. Montoring may include docks and other structures, habitat, fisheries, invertbrates, and water quality.
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Montoring may include docks and other structures, habitat, fisheries, invertbrates, and water quality.
Monitoring Ecosystem
Monitor Watershed (Status,Sources,Impairments)
Surveys of the river and documentation of pre-existing structures complete. Final report will be completed 12/31/2012.