NOR_03_12 St Croix & Lake Superior Basin New Zealand Mud Snail Monitoring - Continued


St Croix Basin & Lake Superior Basin Biologists and lte's will collect samples from 16 sites on the St Croix, Namekagon, Totagatic, Brule, Souix, Crannberry, and Flag Rivers. Samples will be field sorted and suspicous snails and other suspected exotics will be preserved in 80% alcohol. Any likely exotics will be sent to national experts for confirmation.


New Zealand Mud Snails have been found in the St Loius River and the Duluth/ Superior Harbor. Because of their proximity to the St Croix and Brule Rivers, their effective disbursement strategies, and their pattern for rapid colonization and their ability to out compete and displace native species they pose the greatest threat to ecological health of these nationaly important resources to have been encoutered so far!


We hope to document that these dangerous invaders have not yet made it to these nationally recognized precious resources. If they are found to be present an aggressive educational effort must be initiated to prevent their further spread to other near bye resources.

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