Lake Tomah Tier III - FY12 Continued WCR 07_12


Conduct bi-weekly nutrient inflow and outflow monitoring at Lake Tomah in order to determine nutrient loading to lake to assess the sustainability of the shallow lake management actions implemented in 2009. Install water level loggers at in flow and outflow to establish a flow rating curve used to estimate inflow/outflow. Budget includes 26 inflow/outflow water chemistries, 8 in lake water chemistries. A pre-project aquatic plant surveys showed 1 site/300 with vegetation. During drawdown, percent coverage was over 50%. Summer plant surveys are planned to continue in 2011. Estimate 1 lte/5hrs/WQ sampling, 24 hrs for plant survey and 50 hours data entry/interpretation


Literature suggests that external phosphorus loading to shallow lakes should be reduced to ~2 mg/m2/yr in order for inlake management to be sustained. In 2009, in lake management actions were implemented at lake Tomah (fish eradication, drawdown, habitat improvement). It's important to document the external load so we can correlate the sustainability (i.e. number of years of clear water) with the external load and the internal management acitons.


Performance Measures: These are milestones that will be reported on in the Division Quarterly Report. Please estimate dates in a manner that encourages success. 1) Biweekly nutrient sampling of inflow/outflow (26) and biweekly inlake sampling (8), continuing through October 2012. 5) Interim report proposed in Nov 2011, with final report after two years of external load sampling

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