Proposed WCR Critical Habitat Designations for Lake and Riverine Resources


Finish 8 active CHD designations for * WCR lakes and conduct field work for 6 additional sites on 3 new systems.


Identify the critical habitat features as defined in NR 1.06, Wis. Adm. Code these habitat features include both public rights features and sensitive areas. These areas include high quality areas of aquatic vegetation, fish and wildlife habitat, physical features that protect water quality and high quality natural shoreland features.


WCR currently has 8 CHD designations that are in various stages of completion for which CHD reports must be written or completed. WCR will complete the field work for 2 riverine sites on the Mississippi River (Black River Backwaters), 2 sites on the Petenwell Flowage and 2 sites on the Castle Rock Flowage.ges success.

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