WCR_12_CMP12 - Half Moon Lake TMDL Implementation Evaluation 2011 and 2012


Half Moon is currently in the 3rd year of implementing TMDL implementation activities. These include: 1. Whole Lake Curly Leaf Pond Weed Control, 2. Whole Lake Alum Treatment and 3. Watershed Stormwater Management BMP Implmentation. The 3rd year of a whole CLP endothall treatment will be conducted in spring 2011 and a whole lake alum treatment will be conducted in spring 2011.


This evaluation monitoring is critical to assessing whole lake herbicide treatments as a mangagement tool for shallow lakes with wide spread CLP populations and can CLP be controlled to prevent nutrient loading to Half Moon Lake and will whole lake treatments be benificial for the restoration of native aquatic plant populations and the associated habitat improvement.


Performance Measures: These are milestones that will be reported on in the Division Quarterly Report. Please estimate dates in a manner that encourages success. 1) Number of sample sites associated with the project. 2) Number of sampling events associated with project. 3) Estimated date when sample collection will be complete. 4) Estimated date when all data will be entered into appropriate database. 5) Estimated date when final report will be complete. This an ongoing project and will continue partnership monitoring activities with ACOE technical limnological and aquatic plant management staff. Weekly limnological monitoring at six inlake sites will occrur, residual herbicide monitoring will occur at multiple in lake sites, 2 PI aquatic plant monitoring surveys will be conducted and sediment coring will occur at multiple in lake sites.

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