Proposed WCR Tier II Aquatic Plant Monitoring


Conduct Tier II Aquatic Plant Monitoring and Shoreland Assessment Monitoring for Long Term Trends Lakes and Discovery Farms Lake. Plant studies and shoreland assessments will be conducted on 4 Long Term Trends Lakes in 2011 and 3 Lakes in 2012. A plant study will be conducted on Jersey Valley Lake which is currently conductiing intensive tier II watershed and in lake water chemistry monitoring in partnership with Discovery Farms UWEX.


Long Term Trends Lakes are scheduled to aquatic plant surveys to be conducted once every 5 years. Shoreland assessments will be included in each plant study. Shoreland development impacts on habitat and in lake aquatic plant communities will be included in a report for each LTT lake.


An aquatic plant report will be included for each LTT lake. This reports will include all plant community metrics plus an shoreland development assessment and an assessment of how shoreland development is impacting the aquatic plant community within the each lake.

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