Lake Mallalieu, Willow River and Lake St. Croix TMDL Phosphorus Load Implementation Evaluation


The purpose of the project is to measure total phosphorus loading to Lake Mallalieu and Lake St. Croix from the Willow River Watershed as the TMDL Implementation Plans for Lake Mallalieu and Lake St. Croix are being implemented. Both Implmentation will be completed in 2011 with implementation of ag bmps already initiated. The Willow River Watershed has been identified as one of the 3 highest loadind tributaries to Lake St. Croix.


It will be critical to measure loading reductions to determine the effectiveness of ag bmp implementation and waste load allocation reductions to Lake Mallalieu and Lake St. Croix. This monitoring site is critical to complement USGS Gage sites in the upper watershed. USGS in partnership with Discovery Farms UW Extension is doing paired watershed monitoring of the Dry Run Creek Discovery Farms Project. USGS is conducting mainstem and tributary loading monitoring and edge of field monitoring. This monitoring location will be the primary evaluation site for TP loading reduction for the Willow River Watershed.


This gage site will provide the critical assessment of measured total phosphorus loading reductions to Lake Mallalieu and Lake St. Croix assessing if TMDL Implementation strategies are effectively reducing total phophorus loading to two TMDL waters.

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