Proposed WCR Regional AIS projects


This project is designed to recreate the AIS program WCR used to have. The project will create a half-time position to conduct all aspects of AIS information and education including, but not limited to: 1) Clean Boat Clean Waters watercraft inspector trainings and coordination of volunteers, 2) AIS monitoring as needed (species presence/absence, tow net sampling as needed, zebra mussel platform deployment, etc.), 3) Informational presentations to lake, river, and watershed groups, 4) Help coordinate and cooperate County AIS staff, 5) Verify boat landing postings.


Project Justification: This project is needed to fill a massive void in WCR AIS program. Currently, WCR has no staff to conduct the aforementioned objectives. Instead, WCR has been relying on Adams County staff in Adams County and Portage County staff for Wood, Portage and Marathon County. However, this county employee will no longer be available at the previous level. WCR has also relied heavily on Beaver Creek Reserve (BCR) in Eau Claire County, however funding will be decreased this year, thus impacting the ability for BCR to conduct necessary AIS business on a regional basis. The lack of a WCR coordinator prevents a holistic regional approach to managinig AIS and hinders cohesive management of the program.


Clean Boat Clean Waters: Train and recruit volunteers throughout the region. Minimum of 2 trainings. AIS Monitoring: Monitor lakes and rivers on an regular basis for the presence or absence of AIS and complete incident forms when needed. This will occur at a minmum of one field day per week. Information and Education: Conduct eduational presentations on an as needed basis upon requests or when assigned be regional FTE. This entails lake fairs, schools and potentially at weekend lake group meetings. Minimum of 5 presentations. Coordinate/Cooperate County Staff: This wil be an ongoing responsibility and expected to occur weekly through regular communication. There will one regional conference call per quarter to improve efficiency and consistancy in AIS management Verify Boat Landing Postings: Will cooperate with County staff and visit landings as needed to assure boat landings are posted. This will occurs once per week while in the field conducting AIS P/A surveys.

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