Proposed NER Bower Creek 303(d) validation


Bower Creek (WBIC=118400, assessement units 10683 and 10684) is currently on the 303(d) list and a TMDL is being written for the entire Lower Fox River Basin. However, some of the data used to determine the impairments are old and need to be updated and verified. This project will improve the accuracy of the 303(d) list.


1) Bower Creek will be monitored at two locations: one site in assessment unit 10683 and one site in assessment unit 10684. 2) Fish and habitat assessments and macroinvertebrate samples will be collected along with one week of continuous dissolved oxygen (DO) and temperature monitoring. 3) Fish, habitat and continuous DO monitoring will be done is July or August 2011. Macroinvertebrate samples will be collected in Fall 2011. 4) All data will be entered into appropriate databases by February 2012. 5) Final report will be complete by June 30, 2012.


303(d) Impaired Waters List Project

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