LAKE PEWAUKEE SANITARY DISTRICT: Floating Yellow Heart - Pewaukee


The Pewaukee Lake Sanitary District will hire a contractor to attempt an eradication of yellow floating heart, an exotic plant species, located in two ponds adjacent to Coco Creek. Coco creek drains to Pewaukee Lake. One pond will be dredged. The dredge spoils will be placed in a preexisting spoil pit. The other pond will be filled in with dredge spoils from a third pond that does not contain yellow floating heart. 50 cubic yards of clean top soil will be placed on top of any location containing dredge spoils from the yellow floating heart ponds. Filter fabric, erosion control mats and rocks will be placed on the banks of the dredged ponds to stabilize the slopes and prevent germination of yellow floating heart seeds in 2011. Equipment will be cleaned and the site will be staged to prevent the transportation of yellow floating heart seeds. Project deliverables include 1) before and after photographs of the project site with accompanying text to explain the photographs and 2) a daily activity journal to be completed by the landowner and contractor detailing the decisions made and the construction sequence during the project.

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