GRINDSTONE LAKE ASSOCIATION: Grindstone Lake AIS Education, Prevention & Planning Project


The Grindstone Lake Association will sponsor a project to prevent the introduction of aquatic invasive species (AIS), contain AIS if it is introduced, and respond rapidly with management actions. Project goals include: 1) prevent a pioneer species of AIS from being introduced into Grindstone Lake; 2) Limit the area of AIS infestation if introduced; 3) respond rapidly in AIS is discovered; 4) convince lakeshore property owners to stop fertilizing; 5) encourage the restoration of shoreline buffer zones. Deliverables include: 1) Clean Boat/Clean Waters inspection reports; 2) littoral zone monitoring protocal for volunteers; 3) professional quality littoral zone report and map showing presence/absence of AIS; 4) AIS signage at all Grindstone Lake public landings; 5) report on actions taken addressing curly leaf pondweed in Lt. Grindstone Lk./Creek; 6) AIS rapid response plan developed in conjunction with LCO Conservation; 7) year end summary of buffer restoration efforts including areas targeted for restoration and areas restored in 2011; 8) distribution of final report. Specific conditions: 1) CBCW data entry into DNR SWIMS data base; 2) contact UW Extension for workshops & education materials for CBCW (Erin McFarland 715/346-4978) and AIS monitoring (Laura Herman 715/365-8998). WDNR will be provided with electronic and hard copies of al data and/or reports/plans generated as a result of this project.

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