Baseflow Monitoring


SWIMS storage of low flow data for effluent limit calculations - from Jim Schmidt's spreadsheets. Baseflow Monitoring for Effluent Limits Calculation as well as to document low flow baseflow conditions.


There are separate files for each of the large basins and sub-basins in the state with low flow data tracked by Jim Schmidt. The spreadsheet is all on one file but has a separate page for each basin, so it was easier to copy you a Word example. t has mostly 7Q10 and 7Q2 flows since those are what we use most often in the water quality evaluation system for permits, but sometimes we've got other flows as well such as mean flow, harmonic mean flow, and more & more often, 7Q10 and 7Q2 for each month of the year.

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Where site-specific background data are not available for the calculation of chronic ammonia limits, default values should be used.
Black River Basin Baseflow characteristics from 10/10
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Project to monitor baseflow in streams for potential effluent limits calculations