THE PRAIRIE ENTHUSIASTS, INC.: Williams Branch of Williams-Barneveld Creek RCG & Watercress


Beginning in 2011, The Prairie Enthusiasts (TPE) proposes to do a 3-year control project of early infestations of reed canary grass and hybrid cattail at Mounds View Grassland Complex. These infestations are small and at the headwaters of the complex, and the team working at these sites feel it is controllable. They are also working on hydrological restoration, and simultaneously enhancing the native wetland plant communities. TPE will also conduct scouting for additional locations of these plants, as well as watercress, another AIS found locally, thought not known to be at these sites yet. They will also collect native seed of prairie plants to overseed after treatment. Annual reports will be followed by a final report, and an article will be published in the TPE newsletter will complete the deliverables.

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