EAGLE LAKE MANAGEMENT DISTRICT: Eagle Lake Restoration Treatment & Evaluation Project


The Eagle Lake Management District will continue their 6 year aquatic chemical treatment plan as a part of the restoration project started in 2007. The goal of the plan is to greatly reduce the frequency of occurrence of Eurasian water milfoil, an established aquatic invasive plant and to eliminate Curly Leaf Pondweed. Chemical treatment will take place in late April or early May of 2010, 2011 and 2012. Point intercept plant surveys (following the established WDNR Hauxwell protocols) will be conducted both pre and post chemical treatment each year. Water quality monitoring, native plantings, Clean Boats, Clean Waters, educational mailings and meetings and clean up kiosk stations will also be part of the project. Chemical treatment areas will be determined each year based on the previous year\2019s plant surveys. The project deliverable is a report that includes 1) all raw plant survey data; 2) maps of proposed and actual treatment areas each year; 3) density/distribution maps for EWM, CLP and the top five native plants found each year in the plant surveys; 4) statistical analysis of the plant survey data each year and a comparison between years, to include frequency of occurrence, actual density, relative density, etc as described in the Hauxwell protocol; 5) a written assessment of the success of the chemical treatment plan implementation; 6) a written assessment of the shifts in the plant community over the three years of the project; 7) recommendations for future management; 8) entry of all watercraft inspection data into the statewide database (SWIMS); 9) a short report summarizing the 2010, 2011 and 2012 CBCW inspection program (how many boats inspected, any difficulties encountered, how many hours worked and a log of the dates/times worked); 10) summary and analysis of the water quality data; 11) a description of the native plantings project and 12) success/shortcomings of the kiosk program.

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