RIVER ALLIANCE OF WISCONSIN: Grant Co Lower WI Floodplains Lakes Study - Part 1


River Alliance of Wisconsin proposes to conduct baseline water chemistry and biological monitoring on 3 lakes within the Lower Wisconsin River floodplain in Grant County which have little or no baseline data despite their ecological significance in the riverway: Whites, Jones and Poffenrath Sloughs. Water quality will be sampled, along with aquatic plants presence inventory, land uses, and springs. A final report will make recommendations for future management and protection, and be shared with DNR and other governmental partners. Findings will be presented at a public meeting and in a fact sheet and newspaper articles.

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As part of a large-scale Lakes Planning Grant, 7 floodplain lakes were sampled along the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway during the summer of 2010. Information collected during the surveys included water chemistry, water transparency, nearshore fish species, and aquatic plants. Twenty-eight fish species were identified in the floodplain lakes including the State Endangered starhead topminnow, State Special Concern lake chub sucker, State Special Concern weed shiner, State Special Concern pirate perch, and State Special Concern mud darter. The latter three are Natural Heritage Inventory species that WDNR Bureau of Endangered Resources identified for informational needs. Starhead topminnows were found at 1 of the 7 floodplain lakes. While the rare fish species collections likely reflect a dearth of sampling efforts in the past, additional sources of information suggest that the water quality had improved in recent years and their habitats expanded. The oxbows also supported numerous popular sport fishes including juvenile bluegill sunfish and largemouth bass. In addition to nearshore fish population surveys, habitats were assessed and aquatic plant specimens were submitted to the University of Wisconsin Madison Herbarium.
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