RIVER ALLIANCE OF WISCONSIN: Project RED Prevent the Spread & Lwr WI AIS Plan


The River Alliance of Wisconsin proposes to reduce the spread of AIS through an educational campaign targeted to paddlers and wading anglers, further developing monitoring along rivers in the Riverine Early Detection volunteer program, and developing an AIS strategic plan for the Lower Wisconsin River, including outreach, monitoring and response components. Specific deliverables are summarized on page 9 of the grant proposal. Results will be shared via River Alliance website and newsletter, and in presentations at other groups' conferences and meetings.

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Photo by the River Alliance of Wisconsin for the RIVER ALLIANCE OF WISCONSIN: Project RED Prevent the Spread & Lwr WI AIS Plan
In June 2010, the River Alliance of Wisconsin received an Aquatic Invasive Species Control Grant for Education, Planning, and Prevention from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) to develop a strategic plan for limiting the introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS) in the Lower Wisconsin River basin. A basin-wide approach to the issue was utilized due to the prevalence of waterbodies (mainly rivers and streams, but also floodplain lakes, sloughs, impoundments and wetlands) in the region and the connections between them. Additionally, the connections between waterbodies via the movement of recreational users also necessitated a regional approach to the issue. A basinwide approach entails consideration of the myriad stakeholder groups, ecosystem types, and species affected by AIS.
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