SEWRPC Water Quality Management Planning 18D Grant 2P-00E73201


SEWRPC Contract - Supplemental funds for water quality planning in designated management areas; Work with partner agencies and organizations to facilitate restoration of Southeast Wisconsin waters; contract with Southeast Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission.


The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission staff assisted the Southeastern Wisconsin Fox River Commission (SEWFRC) in the preparation of the initial SEWFRC implementation plan that was published in March of 1998. This plan built upon the field studies conducted during the preparation of SEWRPC Memorandum Report No. 102, Water Level Control Plan for the Waterford-Vernon Area of the Middle Fox River Watershed, Racine and Waukesha Counties, Wisconsin, which was published in March 1995. During 2007, the SEWFRC requested the assistance of the Regional Planning Commission in updating and refining the 1998 implementation plan. The Regional Planning Commission staff subsequently requested that the SEWFRC Commissioners identify recommended issues for consideration under the program to update the plan. This memorandum sets forth an overview of the updated planning program, inclusive of consideration of the issues identified by the SEWFRC Commissioners. As called for under the state legislation that established the SEWFRC, the initial implementation plan contained the following plan elements: 1. Background, including planning area, overall objectives, and overview of statutory requirements 2. Implementation plan elements, including selected dredging, channel and shoreline maintenance and debris clearing, dam operations at the Waterford Dam, streambank erosion protection, shoreline recreation, water safety, navigation and boating regulations, water use, and other plan implementation activities. 3. Anticipated impacts of the implementation plan. 4. Recommended implementation strategies.


The proposed update to the implementation plan will include review of the previous plan, review of the issues identified by the SEWFRC Commissioners, and a report on the status of implementation of each of the plan elements listed under Item 2 above. The proposed implementation plan update also will include an assessment of the impacts of those recommended actions that have been implemented during the 20-year period since the initial plan was promulgated (Item 3 above). In addition to updated inventory data for the area within the SEWFRC boundaries, the following additional items will be considered in the refined document: 1. Exploration of expanding the Commission’s overall service area from that currently defined in paragraph (7) of Section 33.53 of the Wisconsin Statutes; 2. Evaluation of the membership of the Commission from that currently defined in Section 33.55(1) of the Wisconsin Statutes, and formulation of recommendations for modification, if appropriate; 3. Development of procedures for prioritizing and selecting projects to be implemented and for tracking project progress and budgets; 4. Development of alternative funding mechanisms for continued project support and administrative functioning (i.e., webpage), pursuant to the budget process as set forth in Section 33.60 of the Wisconsin Statutes, and consideration of ways to change the SEWFRC budget cycle to better match the budget cycles of Racine and Waukesha Counties; 5. Evaluation of the long-term impacts on the Fox River Watershed of the Great Lakes Compact, the regional water quality management plan, and associated State laws and programs related to stormwater management; 6. Identification of potential partnerships to leverage available resources; 7. Identification of future projects along with potential funding sources, including identification of the role of the SEWFRC in any such projects; and 8. Consideration of the role of the SEWFRC in implementing measures to address urban and rural nonpoint source pollutants, including, but not limited to sediment, through wetland restoration, shoreline buffers, detention basins, stream rehabilitation, and related practices. The updated implementation plan also will incorporate the recommendations set forth in the Commission’s comprehensive lake management plans for Eagle Spring Lake, Pewaukee Lake, the Phantom Lakes, and Waterford Impoundment, which have been published since the initial implementation plan was compiled. To the extent that the Pebble Creek watershed is included within the portion of the Fox River basin under the jurisdiction of the SEWFRC, recommendations set forth in the Commission’s watershed protection plan for Pebble Creek also will be incorporated. In addition, the standard operating procedures of the SEWFRC regarding cost-share rates, grant administration policies, agreements and contracts, and project bidding will be documented.

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The proposed implementation plan update also include an assessment of the impacts of those recommended actions that have been implemented during the 20-year period since the initial plan was promulgated