CITY OF KENOSHA: Peorio Park Pond Red Swamp Crayfish Monitoring


This project will assist in multiple ways 1) Research - When do the crayfish become active enough for successful treatment, have they become established in nearby pond and an unnamed tributary of the Pike River, once chemically treated did any survive the treatment. 2) Evaluation- 20 baited traps will be set in Peorio , 15 in the two ponds north of infested pond, 10 traps in the unnamed tributary. 3) Treatment plan. Chemical treatment of the pond and burrows, timing will take place when trapping determines activity. DNR fisheries staff will do the treatment. 4) Monitoring Plan- partnering with DNR, City of Kenosha (Parks Commission) and UW-Parkside to do daily check and removal and care of live crayfish to be used for testing during the chemical treatment.

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