Evaluation of Faxon (Central Park) Creek for inclusion on the 303(d) Impaired Waters list - NOR 8_11


Present biological data from preliminary 303d assessment of Faxon Creek (WBIC-2843700) in 2008 suggested that it is impaired. That study resulted in placing it under "High Watch" status because insufficient water chemistry data (only 1 sample event -2 sites) did not definitively identify the pollutant(s). Faxon Creek drains an urban watershed developed as residential and retail/commercial. Loss of wetlands and appropriate riparian buffer zones due to large paved parking lots, lawn areas, and residential commercial roads cause flash flows of runoff into Faxon Creek (and other City of Superior streams). Professional judgment suggests that habitat is degraded due to flows, or event flows. Evaluation of Faxon Creek in this project will also be used as a companion monitoring site with Newton Creek for flow and sediment quality. There is historical data comparing Faxon and Newton Creeks from the Newton Creek/Hog Island restoration project.


Complete the assessment for 303d determination/classification by identifying and/or quantifying pollutants impacting Faxon Creek.


Performance Measures: 1) Number of sample events: Conduct fish IBI sampling: 1 event (4 stations) Invertebrate sampling: 2 events, spring and fall (5 stations). Quantitative Habitat sampling: 1 event (4-5 stations) Water chemistry sampling for nutrients, TSS, and Turbidity: Up to 10 events (3 stations). Sediment monitoring: for common urban contaminants including PAH's (from large paved areas within watershed), metals including Cadmium, Chromium, Cu, Pb, Hg, Ni, Se, Zn, and nutrients including Oil and Grease, Tot P, TKN, Nitrate + Nitrite, and particle size and TOC. Sediment monitoring will have 4 sample events (2 stations), plus 2-single-event grab samples. 2) Number of sampling sites: fish-4 stations, inverts-5 sites, habitat-4 stations, water chemistry - 3 sites, sediment - 2 stations. 3) Estimated date when sample collection will be complete: Sampling should be complete by end of fall, 2010. 4) Estimated dates: Fish - August, 2010; Inverts - spring/fall, 2010; habitat - summer, 2010; water chemistry - April to October, 2010; and sediment sampling - June to September, 2010. 5) Estimated date when final report will be complete: summury report in spring 2011; final report will be complete for request for additions to the 2012 303d list are needed.

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Unnamed stream, WBIC - 2843700, local names include "Faxon" and "Central Park Creek". Survey for listing would include the following unnamed tributaries to Faxon Creek: WBIC's = 5000527, 5000547, and 5000563.