Austin, Magdanz, and Hatten Creek Impaired Water Evaluation - NER_08_CMP11


Evaluate Austin, Magdanz, and Hatten Creek for impaired water status.


Austin, Magdanz and Hatten Creeks were all impacted by an impoundment called the Clark’s Millpond (constructed in 1863) until the dam was removed in 2006. Prior to removal of the millpond it was believed that by removing the dam, the trout populations, stream temperatures and habitat would greatly improve. Limited monitoring conducted by citizens and Department staff have not documented much if any improvement to the before mentioned parameters over the last few years with the exception of the stream length exposed due to the removal of the dam. Local residents have complained to the Department that trout are absent from the system and that the dam removal did not result in the restoration of what used to be, prior to the dam being constructed, high quality trout water. The watersheds of all three streams have a high degree of agricultural landuse in the forms of both row-crop and dairy production. Monitoring is necessary to determine what the limiting factors are in relation to the limitations to the fishery and perceived / documented water quality issues. The following is a synopsis of the three streams in question: 1. Austin Creek is a clear hardwater stream 1.8 miles in length and is listed as Class II trout water with approximately 50% of its watershed in agricultural production. Department files indicate that prior to 1970 it had a stable population of naturally reproducing brook trout. It has a confluence with Magdanz Creek about 0.5 miles above the former Clark’s Millpond. 2. Magdanz Creek is a clear hardwater stream with 0.5 and 4.0 miles listed as Class I and Class II trout waters, respectively. Nearly 70% of its watershed is under intensive agricultural production. This system fed the Clark’s Millpond until it was removed in 2006. Upon leaving the former millpond, this stream is known as Hatten Creek. 3. Hatten Creek is a medium sized clear water stream with several large springs that feed it below the formal Clark’s Millpond. It has a stream length of 6.3 miles. Department files are unclear as to whether this system was a trout water prior to the construction of the dam. Currently, Hatten Creek is not listed as trout water. The following sampling protocol is proposed for this project and conforms to the 1/14/2010 303d Stream Monitoring guidance: 1. Fish surveys for community assessment (IBI) and gamefish lengths. 2. Macroinverts at each fish assessment site. 3. Qualitative Habitat 4. Continuous Temperature monitoring 5. Digital photologging of all sites.


Austin, Magdanz and Hatten Creeks will be evaluated in accordance with the Year 1 - Department 303(d) guidelines (2010).

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