PINE LAKE P & R DISTRICT: Pine Lake Management Planning Project, Phase III


Pine Lake P&R District is sponsoring a project focusing on development of a Lake Management Plan (LMP) for Pine Lake including an AIS control plan and a native mechanical harvesting plan. Completion of a LMP will allow for potential Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) cost sharing grants and permits for Eurasian water-milfoil (EWM) control. Phases 1 and 2 were funded in Feb 2009 and Phase 3 was funded in this cycle. Project activities include: 1) Stakeholder participation \2013 kick-off meeting, AIS training, stakeholder survey, planning meetings (up to 2), wrap-up meeting, news release, newsletter article, and progress report; 2) Recruit volunteers and implement a CB/CW program; 3) Annual volunteer AIS monitoring; 4) Water quality sampling (Secchi, P, Chla, N, Conductivity, pH, Alkalinity, Total Suspended solids, Calcium, DO, and temp); 5) Curly-leaf pondweed (CLP) survey and aquatic plant community mapping; 6) Sensitive area delineation; 7) Fisheries assessment; 8) Watershed assessment and P load modeling; 9) Zebra mussel monitoring; 10)Develop LMP (with AIS control and harvesting components). Project deliverables include: 1) Lake Management Plan with AIS control and harvesting components. Specific conditions: 1) LMP needs Dept review and approval. WDNR Lakes Management Coordinator will be provided with an electronic (pdf or word) and hard copy of LMP, stakeholder survey, news release, newsletter article, progress report, data and P modeling from watershed assessment, all GIS data, and all maps from project.

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