UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON: Planning, Monitoring & Expanding WI AIS Prevention Strategy Communication Efforts


The Board of Regents is sponsoring the Department of Life Sciences Communication to enhance current strategic communication efforts to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS). Research methods will include two random polls, and working with numerous specific target groups, plan effective message campaigns. They will also work with key players to inform them about the issue of AIS, so that they in turn, can model for and inform transient boaters, the group most likely to transport AIS between lakes. Deliverables include: opinion data trends on AIS and VHS; evaluation report on current campaign efforts; outreach materials to be used with opinion leaders; guide for opinion leader-based campaigsn to be used by DNR and partners. These deliverables will compose a final report to be submitted in .pdf electronic and paper format. Project results will be shared via regular meetings with an AIS steering committee; UW Extention, DNR and LSC websites; Extension newsletter, conferences and peer reviewed publications.

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Reports and Documents
"Planning, Monitoring, and Expanding AIS-Prevention Strategic Communications Efforts in Wisconsin" - Final Report to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Final report by the UW Madison Department of Life Sciences Communication Includes charts and an article from the Journal of Extension titled "Factors Associated with Behavioral Compliance to Prevent the Spread of Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia"
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Grant ACEI-074-10 awarded
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