ARRA 16 Lake Mallalieu/Willow River TMDL Grant 2P-00E73201


Develop a TMDL implementation plan for Lake Mallalieu/Willow River.


Complete a TMDL Implementation Plan for the Willow River and Lake Mallalieu. This plan will outline a framework for implementing point and non-point source controls in the watershed that will reverse eutrophication of the lake and the Willow River. Using information gathered from previous monitoring in the watershed, DNR water quality planning databases will be updated for the Willow. The Area-wide Water Quality Management Plan will also be amended to include the Willow River water quality goals and limits.


o Area-wide Water Quality Plan amendment that implements the Willow River TMDL goals and loading limits. o Lake Mallalieu TMDL Implementation Plan developed with stakeholder input. o Mass cap limits for phosphorus to be incorporated in WPDES permits. o Road map for achieving non-point source reductions needed to achieve the TMDL goals. o Updated DNR basin planning databases for the Willow River watershed.

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On agricultural lands, conservation tillage, lowering soil test phosphorus, nutrient management to match fertilizer addition to crop need, along with careful manure handling are important agricultural best management practices that will help achieve the non-point source reduction. Improved agricultural management practices are especially recommended for the headwaters reaches and tributaries of both the North and South Forks of the Willow.