Watercraft Inspection and Monitoring Activities


Coordinate and train volunteers that are involved in watercraft inspection and monitoring activities.


Manage local watercraft inspection "Clean Boats Clean Waters" program on state waters. Coordinate training of local volunteers involved in watercraft inspection and monitoring activities and report on the distribution of aquatic invasive species in Wisconsin's inland waters.


Ensure statewide consistency in the volunteer program by standardizing procedures for monitoring and inspection efforts conducted by volunteers and focus on gathering reliable data to assist resource managers on lake and river protection management and to keep the public informed on invasive species issues of concern to them. The volunteer coordinator will also work with regional DNR staff to ensure consistency between the DNR watercraft inspection and monitoring programs on Wisconsin's inland waters and the volunteer efforts. The coordinator will also collaborate with DNR and Sea Grant staff, UW Extension & University personnel and other experts to ensure that uniform protocols are established for monitoring various aquatic invasive species of concern that can be utilized by both volunteers and professional staff. Also, plan, schedule and conduct training workshops; develop, maintain and summarize volunteer watercraft inspection and monitoring data in a format that is consistent with the statewide program; and provide direction, leadership and support for the volunteer program throughout the state. Form and meet from time to time with an advisory committee to review progress and policy decisions related to the volunteer program. Coordinate watercraft and monitoring efforts with regional DNR personnel and work closely with the Aquatic Invasive Species Education Specialist and Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator and staff from the DNR Lake's section to address specific program needs at the state level and for local communities.

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Coordinate and train volunteers that are involved in watercraft inspection and monitoring activities.