Phase 2 & 3 Comparative Analysis of Subwatersheds in the Lake Superior Basin


Using LANDSAT images from each of the past 16 yrs., identify 0-15 yr. timber age class areas in the Wisconsin portion of the Lk. Superior Basin. Geo-reference the 16 yrs. of LANDSAT imagery. Through a year-by-year comparative analysis of the imagery, locate where clear cuts have occurred and digitize the boundaries of the cuts. The final product would be a composite of all lands in the 0-15 yr. timber age class. Resource managers will use the information to analyze sub-watersheds in the basin and determine whether a sub-watershed is approaching or has exceeded the recommended 40 percent open land threshold. Local resource managers will develop a strategy to improve the sub-watershed's capacity to reduce peak flows by changing and coordinating land management strategies on both public and private lands.


Enhance and protect fish habitat, reduce sedimentation to streams in the Lake Superior Basin and streambank, shoreline stabilization by reducing peak runoff events.


Acquire/rectify imagery. Digitize and attribute 0-15 yr. timber age class and open/urban land. Interpret, digitize, and attribute sub-subwatershed boundaries. Digitize stream network from 1:24,000 USGS Digital Topographic Maps. Develop Arcview GIS layers/data analysis/and other outputs. Revision, corrections, print and digital materials. Input meeting and training meetings.

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Develop a Geo-reference of 16 yrs. of LANDSTAT imagery to locate a composite of all lands in the 0-15 year timber age class.