Galena River (GP01) Watershed Planning


Watershed plan update 2010. The Galena River Watershed lies in southwestern Lafayette County and southern Grant County. It is a relatively large watershed of 242 square miles. Of the 260 miles of streams in the watershed, 115 stream miles are classified as warm water sport fishery. Thirty-five miles of the Galena River are considered Exceptional Resource Water (ERW) under state administrative rules. The existing biological uses of about 120 miles of smaller streams in the watershed have not been formally determined. J. Amrhein monitored 7/08, taking a comprehensive look at overall water quality in the watershed and concluding that overall water quality remained fairly stable, but had not really improved measurably since the PWS project. Because this study generally just looked at one site per stream, recommendations on individual streams or stream narratives were not made. Jim also only made general recommendations regarding better land use to improve water quality.

Study Design

Watershed specified for planning and assessment purposes. Assessment of water quality condition in this respective county will use protocols described in WisCALM of the year of assessment. Minimum assessment work includes biological data (macroinvertebrates, fish indices), chemistry and habitat data. Additional work includes identification of priorities and goals, creating recommendations for actions, and updating narratives for watersheds and waterbodies. Assessments are to be double checked by at least one additional biologist.

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Project: Galena River (GP01) Watershed Planning
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Project: Galena River (GP01) Watershed Planning