Paradise Lost? Climate Change in the Northwoods


A curriculum package and teacher training model will be developed on the topic of climate change, focusing on regional impacts and positive actions to reduce emissions.


To provide middle and high school teachers with background information on the science of climate change and current regional research and inquiry based lessons and activities to teach about climate change focused on the Great Lakes Region. Teacher training will be held in conjunction with the Paradise Lost? Art exhibit and provide a perspective from the arts as well as science. Resources will include lessons for art as well as science teachers. Teachers will be recruited for these workshops who can serve as leaders and provide future training to their schools and districts.


A set of resources for teaching about climate change, regional impacts and positive actions in middle and high schools in the Great Lakes region. These resources will include a website, CD and printed materials. Teachers will be trained in the use of these materials and will also receive background information on current research in climate change. Number of teachers attending the workshops and using the materials will be monitored as well as the number of students reached.

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Develop a curriculum package and teacher training model on climate change. Focusing on regional impacts and positive actions to reduce emissions