GOLDEN SANDS RC&D: Regional AIS Specialist 2


Golden Sands RC&D seeks continued funding for coordination of AIS prevention and control on public access lakes in Portage, Wood and Waushara Counties through June of 2010. The project would fund staff wages and operating expensives inlcuding mileage, field and office supplies, training, web fees and signage. Project deliverables to inlude: 1) Project and AIS control planning, 2) volunteer training and workshops, 3) AIS surveys, infestation investigation, mapping, and control, 4) Clean Boats, Clean Waters inspections, 5) development and presentation of outreach materials, and 6) updated water access inventories.

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Aquatic Invasives Grant
Aquatic Invasives Education
Reports and Documents
EWM Distribution in Portage County
EWM Distribution in Wood County
2009 AIS LTE End of Season Report
Final Report for AEPP-190-09, Regional AIS Specialist II
CLP maps; EWM maps; Japanese Knotweed maps; rusty crayfish maps; zebra mussel maps; volunteer effort maps; AIS poster; 2009 AIS LTE Report; Boat Landing AIS monitoring protocols; Rusty Crayfish trapping survey for the Yellow River in Pittsville, WI; Wood County AIS Plan; two appendices
Pages 1-25 of the final report; contains AIS goals and objectives, AIS plans for Wood County, EWM maps, & CLP maps.
Wood County AIS Management Plan
Activities & Recommendations
Grant Awarded
Watercraft Inspections Clean Boats, Clean Waters
Hire Local Aquatic Invasives Coordinator
Monitor Invasive Species