ROCK RIVER COALITION, INC: Knotweed Eradication-Badfish Creek


The Rock River Coalition (RRC) proposes control of a population of Japanese Knotweed which occupies the bank of Badfish Creek at the Riley Road bridge crossing in Rock County. The Friends of Badfish Creek, a chapter of the RRC, will do the work of purchasing all the initial supplies, precisely delineating the boundaries of the clones, knocking down the old stalks, and doing herbicide treatments, all with the help of many volunteers. An educational program will be presented, and educational signs will be posted at the site. The overall goal of this project is complete eradication of this species in and around the existing clones, which are mapped in the application. The deliverable for this grant will be a final report summarizing the work that was completed, dates of work, prompt treatment records for the permitted herbicide application, hours of volunteer time, turn-out at the educational program presented, and observed and photographed results of the control work. The report should include a concise set of photographs, including pre- and post- treatment shots, documentation of the work in progress and the restored condition. The report should also include a detailed map of the initial clones and the final area of knotweed population, if any.

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