CREP Buffer Restoration - Bayfield County


Work with landowners to promote projects to advance hydrologic restoration in the Lake Superior basin by decreasing peak flood flows in tributaries.


To promote the installation, enhancement and protection of forested riparian buffers and related riparian buffer stabilization practices by utilizing previous data collected on age class forest types along riparian zones in the Lake Superior basin. This includes targeted agricultural land that is no longer in production or farmers interested in riparian habitat restoration, to promote enrollment in the CREP buffer program for eligible landowners, to work with local farmers to encourage installation of grass drainage ways to slow the flow of upland runoff, to promote potential wetland restoration or other practices as a means of holding stormwater and encourage infiltration onsite in upland areas, and advance other projects which aid in hydrologic restoration which also provides habitat.


To provide semi-annual reports detailing the projects that were implemented by identifying the location, type of project including linear feet or acres for buffers installed, restored wetlands, modified uplands or other practices. Additionally, Bayfield Co. will conduct a pilot project to provide support costs associated with the pilot project to promote and assess CREP riparian buffer enrollments and the implementation of the identified practices to improve hydrologic restoration in the Lake Superior basin. As part of the pilot project, Bayfield Co. will provide a final report and present results on the hydrologic practices that were implemented in the pilot project. The report will provide an assessment of the pilot efforts identifying successes, any problems, and future recommendations for continuing these practices. Additionally, Bayfield Co. will invite representatives from DNR, DOA, USDA, Ashland Co., Iron Co. and Douglas Co. for a presentation on the pilot project results in March of 2010 or other date scheduled by mutual agreement.

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Promote the installation, enhancement and protection of fish and wildlife habitat with the Lake Superior basin through actions designed to decrease peak flood flows, reduce erosion and sedimentation, and otherwise protect or improve water quality and in-stream habitat.