The Green Shores of Lake Michigan Video on Cladophora


A suite of videos promoting understanding and action on the Cladophora problem.


Increase understanding and awareness promoting helpful changes in behavior reducing excess nutrient runoff into Lake Michigan.


Wisconsin Sea Grant will produce several short videos and one longer that will accomplish several things: Clearly convey the aesthetic, recreational, and economic impacts of the problem; clearly explain current scientific understanding of the causes of the problem; and illustrate the range of actions, at the shoreline and upstream, that must be taken to reduce Cladophora abundance. The short videos will be approximately 3-10 minutes long and will address individual topics. The longer video will be approximately 30 minutes long and will present a comprehensive picture of the Cladophora problem. This project directly addresses the several goals and strategies of Wisconsin's Great Lakes Restoration and Protection Strategy.

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The Lake Michigan Stakeholders Coalition group is working with Clean Wisconsin to conduct a one-day workshop "Phosphorus in Lake Michigan; Rural and Urban Sources" and with UW-Madison to create videos to convey the impacts of the Cladophora problem, explain the scientific understanding of the causes and illustrate the actions that must be taken to reduce the Cladophora abundance.