Lake Superior Coastal Wetlands and Stream Monitoring


This project facilitates the collection, integration, and dissemination of water quality and quantity information on three Lake Superior basin streams and their coastal wetlands in order to provide data, advance the Basin Partner Team's "Slow the Flow" initiative, increase capacity for citizens to collect assessment level data, raise awareness about watershed and coastal wetland health and assist with the identification of management priorities and watershed planning. This will be accomplished through a collaborative effort that includes university research staff, GIS specialists, resource managers and highly trained volunteers.


Coordinate and implement comprehensive monitoring projects that bring citizens and researchers together to collect water quality and land use data on three watersheds in order to evaluate the impacts of changes in land use on these watersheds.


Provide the Lake Superior Coastal Wetland and Stream Monitoring Project Report with sections on study design, sampling data and locations, map thumbnails, analysis and conclusions and an outreach section. 50 printed copies of reports. Electronic version of the report linked to appropriate websites. One classroom training and three field trainings for a minimum of nine olunteers. Twelve boat trip presentations and final report presentations. Assign one sampling station in three coastal wetland estuaries (total of three) in order to collect and analyze water quality samples. Assign three sampling stations at locations along tributaries to each estuary (total of three watershed maps). Each map will include an analysis of land cover, impervious surface, and the shoreline structures adjacent to each estuary. Train a minimum of nine volunteers in advanced sampling protocols. Provide final reports will be mailed to Lake Superior basin managers, land conservation departments, and local officials in the watershed. Approximately 300 people will receive direct information and education about the project on twelve "View from the Lake" boat trips. Landowners in the study watersheds will be notified that a final report is available at their request. Progress and final results will be shared with the Lake Superior Basin Partner Team.

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Advance the Basin Partner Team's Slow the Flow initiative, increase capacity for citizens to collect data.
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Advance the Basin Partner Team's Slow the Flow initiative, increase capacity for citizens to collect data.