Spring Creek CBSM Project SCR _05_11


To purchase additional equipment to support a level II-III WAV watershed wide citizen based stream monitoring effort in Spring (Lodi) Creek. To provide intern and WRS liaison coordinator with funds for level II-III training, and to assist in collecting continuous pressure (level) and temperature data, bi-weekly flows, instantaneous temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, transparency and specific conductivity in Spring Creek and two tributary streams (WBIC's:1261900, 1262300, 5033250).


The objective of phase II of the watershed wide water quality project is to develop flow rating curves for discharges in Spring Creek and major tributaries. Citizens will learn how to collect continuous pressure (level) data, flow data, and instantaneous water quality information at 5 sites. This is an ongoing cooperative effort to identify and manage water quality issues in the watershed. Cooperators include the Friends of Scenic Lodi Valley Watershed Team (river planning grant), City of Lodi (installing level loggers & staff gauges), Columbia County Land and Watershed Department (river planning grant), Trout Unlimited (volunteer monitors & equipment) and University of Wisconsin -Stevens Point (rating curve development).


5 sample sites 16 trips to Spring Creek and two tributaries. (WBIC's:1261900, 1262300, 5033250). Sampling will be completed by winter 2013 Sampling Equipment & Costs: 2 pr. waders $460.00 1 556-01 multiprobe meter 1750.00 1 5909 DO replacement ki 56.00 1 5564 pH probe 225.00 1 5580 confidence solution 97.50 1 2100 Swoffer current meter 1886.00 1 keson fiberglass 50' tape 16.50 Total Equipment Costs $5266.00 Data will be entered into CBSM database and/or SWIMS databases by volunteers, intern and WRS liaison by winter 2013. Friends of Scenic Lodi Valley Watershed Team plans to apply for another river planning grant that will be used to collect water chemistry samples at the 5 sample sites, and for an environmental consultant to complete a report with results and recommendations to identify sources and types of pollutants in the watershed, as well as present information to local governmental units and the public. Information will also be useful in gathering information for the Lake Wisconsin watershed, since Spring Creek is one of 6 major tributaries of Lake Wisconsin (proposed 303 d 2010 list).

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WBIC's:1261900, 1262300, 5033250