Ash Creek and Tributary Monitoring [SCR_01_CMP11]


This project is a continuation of monitoring of Ash Creek for determination of impaired status. Proposed water quality monitoring at 4 sites using sondes and water chemistry sampling to determine if impairments are agricultural related. Initial sampling was conducted in 2009, indicating fish and habitat ranged from good to very poor. Land use is primarily agricultural with several problem areas identified within the segment proposed for sampling. The water resources and agricultural wastes specialists are working together to document agricultural impacts to water quality in the lower 1/3 of Ash Creek.


Identify potential 303 d segments of Ash Creek, and to identify specific water quality impairments. Initial sampling for fish IBI, habitat and macroinvertebrates indicated good to very poor fish IBI and good to fair habitat. There is a CAFO with ongoing manure storage pit issues that may be adding nutrients to the stream, as well as barnyards close to the stream. Additional investigation is necessary to completely identify what the specific impairments may be, and whether a tributary is negatively impacting Ash Creek.

Study Design

3 sample sites Ash Cr., 1 sample site tributary of Ash Cr. 28 water chemistry samples (4 during baseflows, 3 rain events) Sample collection completed by winter 2012. Data entry will be completed by WRS, and an intern and final report completed by WRS in February 2012.

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