Stream C Monitoring at Flambeau Mine Site - NOR 4_11


Recent monitoring at the Flambeau mine site near Ladysmith (Rusk Co.) has shown that acutely toxic concentrations of copper and zinc are regularly present in the runoff entering Stream C. Stream C is an intermittent tributary of the Flambeau River. Monitoring is proposed to assess the impacts of this toxicity to Stream C and the Flambeau River near the mouth of Stream C. The monitoring would also further identify the source areas of the metals found. Water samples from 10 sites on 3 dates (5 dates for 2 of the sites) would be collected and tested for metals and other parameters (see lab budget). A broad range of metals would be tested on 2 dates and a more limited range of metals would be tested on the other dates. Sediment samples from 8 sites would be tested for metals and other parameters (see lab budget). Macroinvertebrate samples would be collected from 5 sites (2 per site). Fish surveys would be done at 2 sites on 2 dates.


The site needs to be evaluated for 303d inclusion since water quality standards for copper and zinc are being exceeded.


Performance Measures: These are milestones that will be reported on in the Division Quarterly Report. Please estimate dates in a manner that encourages success. 1) Number of sample sites associated with the project. 19 2) Number of sampling events associated with project. 9 3) Estimated date when sample collection will be complete. June 30, 2011 4) Estimated date when all data will be entered into appropriate database. Dec. 31, 2011 5) Estimated date when final report will be complete. April 30, 2012

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Copper and Zinc assessment of Stream C and surrounding waters by the Flambeau Mine Site.
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Water sampling sites are: 1. biofilter outflow 2. site SW-C8 (existing site) 3. site SW-C3 (existing site) 4. north ditch along Copper Park Lane 5. site SW-C1 (existing site) 6. mouth of east branch of stream C (a runoff reference site) 7. mouth of stream C (no WBIC) 8. Flambeau River above stream C mouth (WBIC 2225000) 9. Flambeau River below stream C 10. mouth of intermittent reference stream in Sec. 19 southwest of mine site (WBIC 5006202) Sediment sampling sites are: 1. upper Stream C sites (3 samples) 2. lower Stream C sites (3 samples) 4. intermittent reference stream in Sec. 19 (2 samples) Macroinvertebrate sites: 1. lower end of Stream C (2) 2. lower end of intermittent reference stream in Sec. 19 (2) 3. Flambeau R. above Stream C (2) 4. Flambeau R. below Stream C (2) 5. Flambeau R. above reference stream mouth (2) 6. Flambeau R. below reference stream mouth (2) Fish survey sites: 1. lower end of stream C (2 dates) 2. lower end of intermittent reference stream in Sec. 19 (2 dates)