CBSM Bad Axe - WCR_09_10


In cooperation with the Valley Stewardship Network (VSN), I propose a water chemistry monitoring effort on the Bad Axe River system in Vernon County. The Bad Axe River has two very long tributaries, the North Fork and the South Fork. Both of these two rivers form just to the west of Cities of Westby and Viroqua in central Vernon County. A verbal proposal has been made to construct a large animal feeding operation in the headwaters of the North Fork Bad Axe River where no facility currently exists. Both the North and South Forks have a majority of agriculture in their headwaters, including cropland, cattle and dairy cows. Water chemistry data has not been collected in these two rivers simultaneously.


12 monthly samples at locations on each river that contain approximately the same watershed size. The data collected for this effort would serve as a baseline before any large animal feeding operation is built in the North Fork Bad Axe River’s watershed. If the proposed facility is built, subsequent year to continue this study to track any changes in water chemistry. If the proposed facility is not built, then we still have valuable data collected from the North and South Forks of the Bad Axe River.

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