CBSM Valley Stewardship Network - WCR 10_11


Utilize volunteers to deploy and collect long-term temperature data from streams in Vernon County to assess the accuracy of the natural community stream classification.


The proposed natural stream community classification structure proposed for use in WisCalms is based mainly on modeled stream flow and temperature. This project utilizes volunteer monitors to deploy temperature loggers within a targetted watershed to assess the accuracy of the temperature model used by Lyons. Cold-Cool and Warm-cool streams segements will be targetted as well as those stream segement where transitions between the temperatures classifications are located.


1) Number of sample sites associated with the project - 25 2) Annual temperature summaries from each site 3) Begin recording temperatues in July 2010 with summary data available in July 2011 Final report completed in Dec 2011

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This project funds the purchase of 25 tidbits temperature loggers that will be deployed and maintained by volunteers part of the Valley Stewardship Network