Petenwell Plant Survey - WCR 9_11


Conduct aquatic plant survey on 16 subplots on the headwater area of Lake Petenwell to evaluate the impact of a water level management change. This is a post treatment evaluation to the pre-water level change monitoring from last year.


Project Justification: This project will be used to monitor the change in the aquatic plant community as a result of water level fluctuation. These data will help guide management decision with a multi-agency workgroup and play a role in FERC licensing.


Performance Measures: 1) 16 subplots to sample, 100 points each. 2) 4 plots to mirror last year 3) Percent frequency, density, chi-square analysis 4) Estimated date that all data will be entered into appropriate database will be fall of 2011 following data entry into excel spreadsheet 5) Estimated date for the final report will be February 2012.

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