Dexter Lake TMDL Monitoring - WCR 6_11


The Purpose of this project is to conduct sampling that is required to complete a TMDL on the Dexter Lake watershed. The previous two years were used to collect enough data to list Dexter Lake on the 303D list with nutrients as an impairment. This is the first FY ofa 2-year project. The primary land use in the watershed is forests and agriculture. This body of water has been polluted for decades by excessive nutrients from ag runoff that has led to excessive algal blooms, lack of aquatiic macrophytes and high bacteria counts. The Lake is a high value recreational area with a County Park and Campground. Increasing complaints about excessive algal growth and poor water clarity has triggered interest throughout the citizenry. The development of a TMDL is the logical next step and would also serve a second puropse. The Yellow River sub-watershed is part of the Wisconsin River Basin where another TMDL is being proposed. The data fromt his project will not only help a local effect in Wood County, but provide very valuable data for the WIsconsin River Study (WTWR).


Project Justification: This project is necessary because 1) it is a listed 303D water, 2) high interest among the citizenry, and 3) it will play a critical role in a larger concurrent project (WTWR). Development of a TMDL as required by EPA. This TMDL will be used in conjuction, with Wood County Land and Water Conservation Department personel, to implemet land use porjects to decrease ag runoff in the watershed.


Performance Measures: There will be 18 river sampling events (semi monthly) from October 2010 through June 30, 2011. Constituents will be TSS, TP and ortho-P. There will be semi-monthly lake sampling in May and June that will be ananlyzed for Chl-A, TP and ortho-P and bacteria (e. coli and fecal). An Aquatic plant surevey will be conducted in July-August of 2010. DNR ISS will design the sampling scheme as per DNR protocol. This fiscal year will be data gathering only. No report writing will occur. TDML and final report will be completed in FY 2012.

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