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The Rock River TMDL was approved by US EPA on September 28, 2011. The Rock River TMDL allocation tables and an updated map are also available. There are approximately 40 waters iin two major watersheds, the rock - and the upper rock, located inthe Rock River Basin that are impaired by excess phosphorus (TP) and total suspended solids (TSS). These pollutants cause low dissolved oxygen, degraded habitat and excessive turbidity in waterways, resulting in harm to fish and aquatic life, water quality, recreational opportunities and navigation. Implementation planning is ongoing and sector teams are forming to address guidance and policy issues. For more information contact: See also


TMDL development and implementation plan development for impaired waters is mandated by the Clean Water Act. USEPA has funded the Rock River Basin TMDL with a completion date of January, 2010. Public outreach and participation is required as part of the EPA contract. Water quality is protected and restoration goals are identified and established by developing Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) reports for surface waters of the state Impaired Waters List; Performance Objectives 2 and 3


A plan to implement the Rock River TMDL that is accepted by the Rock River Watershed Community. • Provide facilitation services for TMDL technical team meetings as needed during TMDL development • Plan and facilitate public outreach process during TMDL development process • Act as TMDL Outreach Team to develop and assist with implementation of an effective public outreach/public participation process to inform and engage basin stakeholders in development of an implementation plan for the Rock River Basin TMDL. • Provide facilitation services for implementation plan technical team meetings as needed • Provide facilitation services for public outreach meetings during implementation plan development

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This is a map of the Rock River Basin, upper and lower, for the purposes of displaying data on the TMDL.
EPA finds that the phosphorus and TSS TMDLs for the 62 impaired reaches, and three lakes, satisfy all of the elements of an approvable TMDL. This is for 101 TMDLs for TP and TSS.
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The Rock River TMDL was approved by US EPA on September 28, 2011.